A stalemate in Phoenix?

A source tells azcentral.com columnist Dan Bickley that the Phoenix Coyotes future in Arizona could be determined by tomorrow afternoon.

Citing a source who says the next 24 hours "are the most important" in the club's 17 years in the desert, Binkley explains why:

"To complete its financing, the Renaissance Sports and Entertainment group needs a firm commitment from the Glendale City Council. They need a number on paper. They say they need $15 million annually.The city has budgeted $6.5 million for management of Jobing.com Arena.

"To bridge that $8.5 million gap, the two parties have negotiated revenue streams that will theoretically benefit both sides.

"But word is, the city of Glendale wants that number guaranteed. RSE won’t go down that road. And some fear that snag could be a potential deal-killer."

A deal would almost certainly have to be close to completion on Friday, when the City Council has a scheduled session. Stay tuned...