Jaguars stat of the week


Every Thursday I’ll present an interesting (to me, anyway) stat, break it down, and try to provide some context heading into the game the following weekend.

Ball security

Jaguars running backs and wide receivers have carried the ball 388 times this season -- including the four preseason games -- without losing a fumble. The only time the Jaguars have lost a fumble came when Denard Robinson was a wildcat quarterback and botched the handoff with Ace Sanders against Seattle.

That is partly because of No Turnover Thursday.

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley has different themes for different days: Tell the Truth Monday, Competition Wednesday, No Turnover Thursday, and No Repeat Friday. On Thursday, the emphasis is on -- obviously -- not turning the ball over, and the Jaguars have done a good job with fumbles. They’re one of only eight teams to have lost one or fewer fumbles.

"He stresses it among the team, because that is the most important thing on the football field," running back Justin Forsett said. "It can change games if you give the ball up, so we want to make sure we’re protecting it all the time."

The defense has its role on Thursdays, too.

"It works on both sides," defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks said. "They come down on us about not getting the ball out, which is also a big emphasis on them [the backs and receivers] holding the ball and not letting it go. It helps us on Sunday going after the ball. We get rip attempts. We try to get the ball out every chance that we get. A lot of teams really don’t stress that enough.”