RTC: Gabbert understands QB decision

Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert understands why the coaching staff opted to go with Chad Henne for a third consecutive week.

Henne has thrown for over 300 yards in the previous two games while Gabbert hasn't practiced much as he recovered from a strained left hamstring. Gabbert is handling the situation pretty well, but everyone knows he'll likely become the starter again at some point this season, writes the Florida Times-Union's Ryan O'Halloran.

"It's my job to go out there and prove that I can stay healthy and prove I can play at a high level to make it hard on the coaches [not to play Henne]," Gabbert told O'Halloran in Bagshot, England, where the Jaguars have spent the past three days preparing for Sunday's game against the 49ers in London's Wembley Stadium.

Since the Sept. 3 season opener, Gabbert has only fully participated in eight of the team's 23 practices because of a cut on the back of his hand and the hamstring injury. He also had a sprained ankle early in training camp and suffered a fractured right thumb in the second preseason game.

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The NFL announced three games in London next season. The Jaguars will play the Dallas Cowboys, which would have been a nice game to see at EverBank Field.

The T-U's Hays Carlyon writes that this week is the first time since Aug. 26 that every receiver on the 53-man roster is available to play.

Carlyon also writes that the Jaguars-49ers game hasn't gotten much attention so far this week. The game wasn't mentioned anywhere on the sports pages of The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and the Times on Wednesday and Thursday.

T-U columnist Gene Frenette writes that Jaguars fans are enjoying the sights of London -- but they know there's a game on Sunday.

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