RTC: Evaluation begins for Jaguars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jaguars are doing what every NFL team does during it's bye week: rest, get healthy and evaluate.

The last task is certainly the biggest for the Jaguars since they're 0-8 and have lost every game by double digits. Head coach Gus Bradley said the staff, general manager Dave Caldwell and the scouting department will have an intense personnel meeting in which they go over every player on the roster. While there will be "few, if any" changes on the depth chart, the Florida Times-Union's Hays Carlyon writes that the meeting will be the first step in evaluating the 2014 season and beyond.

"We'll go through each position group," Bradley said. "We'll just talk about where they are, how they've improved, what areas they need to focus on. Then we'll go through the whole depth chart like that. We'll look at the opportunities they had and what they've done with those opportunities."

Here are some additional pieces of Jaguars content from around the web in our daily Reading the Coverage feature:

Mark Brunell is one of the most beloved players in franchise history, but that reputation took a bit of a dent on Tuesday when he said all indications are that the Jaguars would be moving to London, possibly within the next few years. That irked some Jaguars fans, who took to Twitter to bash Brunell. Things that complicated the situation: Brunell is actually a Jaguars employee and does a weekly radio show on Thursdays as well as serving as an analyst on preseason television broadcasts.

Bradley announced that he was sticking with Chad Henne as the starting quarterback "right now." He said they will continue to evaluate Henne's play, which does leave the door open for Blaine Gabbert to regain the job at some point.

Here's my weekly list of the top 10 playmakers from the previous game. It hasn't been easy to compile some weeks, and this one may have been the toughest.

This is a recording: The Jaguars remain No. 32 in ESPN.com's Power Rankings.