Jaguars still have playoff hope

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It’s still not over for the Jaguars.

Last week I told you -- as unreasonable and ridiculous as it sounds -- the Jaguars were still alive in the hunt for the playoffs. It was highly, highly unlikely because the Jaguars would need a lot of help, but there’s one scenario that actually seemed plausible provided there’s an upset or two.

Things didn’t play out this past weekend exactly as laid out in that scenario, but the Jaguars are still alive. Using ESPN’s Playoff Machine, which allows you to play with the results of the season’s remaining games to see how it would affect the playoff seedings, I’ve updated what has to happen over the next three weeks for the Jaguars to somehow slip into the postseason.

This past weekend, Denver, New England, Miami, Baltimore and Tampa Bay were winners, while Oakland (vs. New York Jets) and the New York Giants (vs. San Diego) were losers. Nothing too costly with those results.

Here’s an updated look at what has to happen in the remaining three weeks. Remember, this isn’t the only scenario, but it is the most likely.

As usual, the caveat is that the Jaguars (4-9) have to beat Buffalo, Tennessee and Indianapolis in the next three weeks.

Here we go (home team designated by asterisk):

Week 15

Denver* beats San Diego

Kansas City beats Oakland*

Chicago beats Cleveland*

Carolina* beats NY Jets

New England beats Miami*

Arizona beats Tennessee*

Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh*

Detroit* beats Baltimore.

The breakdown: New England has to adjust to life without Rob Gronkowski again. The Patriots’ offense really struggled without him earlier in the season. Five of Baltimore’s six losses have come on the road, but the Ravens have won three in a row in their usual December playoff push.

Week 16

Buffalo* beats Miami

Cleveland beats NY Jets*

Green Bay* beats Pittsburgh

Oakland beats San Diego*

New England beats Baltimore*

The breakdown: Tough to see Buffalo and Oakland winning this week. Green Bay played well on Sunday. but the game will be much different if Aaron Rodgers is able to return.

Week 17

Cincinnati* beats Baltimore

NY Jets beat Miami*

The breakdown: The Bengals will be favored but what can you expect out of the Jets in what could be Rex Ryan’s final game?