Jaguars chat recap: Joeckel's status

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Sidney Deane (Crenshaw): Any word on Luke Joeckel's recovery from the ankle injury? Did you see enough from him to be confident in penciling him in as the starting LT next season?

DiRocco: He is progressing on schedule and is expecting to participate in OTAs in April. I liked what I saw from him in the few plays he had at left tackle but that's not enough to be convinced he's a stud. He'll have to prove himself again this season.

Tom (Jax, FL): Please tell me that you agree that the Jags shouldn't waste a pick on an RB with the top 3-4 rounds. RBs are just a dime a dozen in this league and can easily be found in later rounds. With the short life span of RBs these days, they need to go get talent on the DL and OL.

DiRocco: I agree with you for the most part, but it would be tempting if a guy like Tre Mason was sitting there in Round 3 to take him.

Billy Hoyle (Watts): Did Austin Pasztor play well enough to warrant the starting job at RT? Would be nice to build some continuity on the OL and that would be one less position to address during the offseason.

DiRocco: He played well enough to earn the chance to go into camp as the starter and become the clear-cut starter. His development gives the Jaguars the option not to address that position if they don't want to in the draft or free agency. They could get by with him as the RT for another year.

Junior (Sizzler): Caldwell and Bradley talked at length about "establishing a culture." What exactly does that mean? Is it a legitimate goal and step in the process or simply a way to keep the focus off of W's and L's?

DiRocco: That means establishing a certain way of doing things, like the way the players study in meetings, the tenor in the meetings, the attitude in the locker room and weight room. Basically establishing, and excuse the cliche, the Jaguars Way. Their point is that by doing that, it's a formula that leads to wins.