Jaguars chat recap: Need partner to trade

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

James (KY): Why are people so enamored with "if player X" isn't there then Caldwell should trade back"? I'm not trying to be rude but do people think that there's this trade-back card a GM turns if his player isn't there? I love the idea of having additional picks early in the draft but there has to be a trading partner, the deal would have to be worth it, and there'd need to be a player worth trading up for, and if there is a player worth it, in most cases, especially for this team, why wouldn't we just draft him?

DiRocco: You hit on the thing that I always talk about when people talk about trading a pick or a player (especially Blaine Gabbert). You can want to trade all you want but if there's no trade partner or you don't get a fair offer, then it's moot. There will definitely be a player worth drafting at No. 3. Caldwell could decide that he wants more picks, though, and move back. That's definitely an option.

Ronnie Gardocki (The Beach): Has Denard Robinson played his last game in Jacksonville? Why are the local guys defending him?

DiRocco: I don't know about "defending" him. He's actually been criticized a lot in my opinion. Denard had ball security issues and needs to work on his hands, but the Jags aren't giving up on him. They're going to have a better plan in place for him next season, which should help as long as he gets better in the offseason.

Kyle (DC): Thoughts on Shad Khan comments that everyone knows the Jaguars will draft a QB and possibly two?

DiRocco: Not surprising at all. He didn't say they'd take one at No. 3, though. I can see a scenario where they take one in the second round and then one with one of their 3 picks in the fifth round.

Jason (Brooklyn, NY): Same years and dollars, do you sign MJD, Moreno or McFadden?

DiRocco: Moreno. Both he and McFadden will be 27 by the time the season starts, but McFadden always seems to be banged up. I'd take both over MJD, who will be 29 and has a lot of mileage.

Omar Little (B-More): How many wins should Jags fans realistically hope for?

DiRocco: I think challenging the .500 mark would be a realistic scenario for the Jaguars in 2014.