Jaguars chat recap

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here's a sampling of some of the questions from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat.

You can find the full transcript here.

James KY [via mobile]: Two parter if could: I'm sure you're getting this question a lot but what do you make of the Jaguars acquisitions? What was the best move? The most surprising? And perhaps the most questionable? Thanks!

DiRocco: I thought the best move -- at this point -- outside of re-signing Chad Henne was getting Chris Clemons because he gives the Jaguars something they haven't had in a long time: a speed rusher. The most surprising to me was the Toby Gerhart signing. I really don't think any of the moves were questionable, though I'm not sure what kind of impact Ziggy Hood will have.

Dirk (Jax, Fl): I wonder if [David] Caldwell knows considering he has a relationship with [Les] Snead and [Thomas] Dimitroff, that if Houston doesn't take [Jadeveon] Clowney the Falcons will trade into that spot? I just don't see after signing Clemons to a good size contact along with [Jason] Babin and [Red] Bryant, that the Jags would invest even more money by taking Clowney to rotate. That is a lot of money and talent at one position for rotational players, especially when the Jags have so many other needs. Maybe they know that Clowney will be gone from what I said, and they have [Sammy] Watkins rated higher than [Khalil] Mack. Maybe Watkins is the pick. Whats your thoughts?

DiRocco: You can never have too many pass-rushers, especially if you believe one of them might be the best to come out of college in more than a decade. Just because they signed all those guys doesn't mean they won't take Clowney. If gives them the flexibility to take someone else, like Watkins or one of the OTs, if they choose. That's the most important thing to take out of what they've done in free agency.

Devin (Middleburg, FL): What are the realistic chances of Mojo [Maurice Jones-Drew] coming back with a matched contract? I don't see why he would leave for the same amount of money (including signing bonuses, incentives, transition tags etc)

DiRocco: I didn't think he was going to be back with the team when free agency began and now that they've signed Gerhart, there's even less of a chance now. The only way would be if he's willing to take less money than he was making and share time with Gerhart. From what you know of MoJo, do you think he'd be willing to do that? Not likely.