Feedback on best & worst draft picks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Last week and this week I gave you my thoughts on the best and worst draft picks in Jacksonville Jaguars history. Now it’s your turn.

Before we get to reader comments, here’s a quick rundown:

Round 1: Tony Boselli (best) and R. Jay Soward (worst).

Round 2: Maurice Jones-Drew (best) and Quentin Groves (worst).

Round 3: Aaron Beasley (best) and Anthony Cesario (worst).

Round 4: David Garrard (best) and Brian Smith (worst).

Round 5: Josh Scobee (best) and David Leaverton (worst).

Round 6: Deji Karim (best) and Chad Owens (worst).

Round 7: Bobby McCray (best) and Tiquan Underwood (worst).

And here is the reader feedback:

John Shirey on the Jaguars’ seventh-round picks:

“I'd say Rob Meir was our best seventh-round pick in team history. When evaluating the success of later round picks, I think longevity needs to be taken into consideration. Meir was a good, underrated player for quite a few years. He played behind pro bowl tackle, John Henderson and Marcus Stroud, for the majority of his career, and could have started on most teams. McCray was a good player, but 2006 was his only great season and he bolted in free agency. He really benefited from playing on a very good defense with playmakers all around him.”

Collin Guiliani on the Jaguars’ sixth-round picks:

“I think the three season rule should change to meet one of the requirements: three seasons or still an active player on the Jaguars. That being said, Mike Harris was the best sixth-round pick in franchise history, though it's not saying much. The only positive thing I remember about Deji Karim was his kickoff return against Oakland in 2010 to set the Jaguars up on that game winning drive. In 2011, when he got his chance as the second halfback after Jennings went down, he looked terrible, despite the fact that he was running behind an offensive line that gave MJD the rushing title that year. Mike Harris has been a solid nickel cornerback for the Jags, and he's done more than Karim has done. Still, the fact that this is a legitimate discussion shows how bad the Jags have been at drafting (although in a few years, Josh Evans might have a legitimate case for being the best sixth-round pick).”

William Matthew Davis on the Jaguars’ fourth-round picks:

“You could make the argument that Rob Johnson was our best 4th round pick. We traded him to Buffalo for a 1st round and 4th round pick in the 1998 draft and picked Fred Taylor.”

John David Horne on the Jaguars’ second-round picks:

“Great list Mike. I agree completely on Tony. It's very tough among the bad picks. Reggie Nelson and Matt Jones were also busts. Blaine because of trading the extra pick was the worst in my view.”

Casey Davis on the Jaguars’ first-round picks:

“I love the article!! I think Gabbert may be the biggest bust because he literally took down the franchise to parade rest. Heck I even wonder if Wayne didn’t sell the team cause of this kid. Definitely got the GM and HC fired.”