Jaguars chat recap: Where you find starters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Tom (NYC): Obviously Jags want to build talent on the roster through the draft, but all of their multiple-pick rounds are 4th and later. Call me a pessimist but isn't it difficult to find starters in this league that late? Obviously there are some positional exceptions, but I'd feel better if they had a couple of 2's and 3's instead of three in the fifth and two in the sixth. Thanks for the chats, you do a great job.

DiRocco: Thank you. You can find starters in the league, and good ones, in the third and fourth rounds. You can't have elite players at every position. Those guys are the ones you get in the first and second rounds, usually, and then you use the third-fourth rounds to find solid starters. After that, it's sort of hit and miss. You're trying to find role guys or you take a chance on a guy. But, yes, the Jaguars would like more second- and third-round picks. They could get some by dealing the No. 3 pick. We'll have to see.

Joey Higgins-Luckow (Madison, WI): Think it's realistic the Jaguars pass on the quarterback position all together this year, and just build the rest of the positions on the team? I know they like him, but could they really go into the season with just [Chad] Henne and no young quarterback to turn to if Henne doesn't play very well?

DiRocco: No chance. They'll take at least one.

Jason (Washington, DC): What reasons do the Jags have to pass up on [Johnny] Manziel?

DiRocco: His frame is a concern. There's no guarantee that he can become a pocket passer. He's reckless with his throws at times. He doesn't make all his reads before running. Sometimes he'll pass up a sure, easy throw to try and make a big play. But he's a heckuva player, a fantastic broken-play guy, and he's got that "it" factor.

Damian England [via mobile]: I'm a fan of Khalil Mack and hes my choice at 3. If the Jags do go down the route of taking Mack at 3, where does he fit into the Jags defensive scheme?

DiRocco: He plugs right in as an every-down LB. He can play strongside linebacker on first and second down and the leo on third down. He's athletic enough that he could also play weakside linebacker, too. He'd be hard to keep off the field.