Jaguars chat recap

Here are highlights from the weekly Jacksonville Jaguars chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Dirk (Jax, Fl): It's just speculation based on some info that the Jags have a trade in place. I believe the cost of moving up to number one for the Falcons is too steep, and that [Khalil] Mack fits better in their new 34 scheme. So I expect a trade with the Falcons, and than the Jags will select Jake Matthews. I know you don't think the Jags will take another T two years in a row, but if you consider having to face the Texans with [J.J.] Watt and [Jadeveon] Clowney it makes sense. I think a two this year and next with some later rd picks does the deal. I think the Texans want a first next year, and rather trade with the Jags for Mack. Does that scenario make sense?

DiRocco: I spoke to a league source earlier this week that said the Jaguars were considering Matthews. I think if they swap picks with the Falcons and move back then Matthews could be the guy. I don't think they'd take him at 3, though. The 49ers used first-round picks on both OTs, though not in back-to-back years, and you can make an argument that building the LOS is more important than adding a pass rusher and/or WR.

Big Al (My Throne): What were some of the key bits of info you discovered after talking with [Gus] Bradley and [David] Caldwell. Did you get a sense of who they will pick if they stay at 3, or if a trade down is more likely?

DiRocco: Two teams have called the Jaguars about moving up, but Caldwell wouldn't name them. I'm all but sure one of them is Atlanta, which makes sense because of his relationship with [Atlanta GM Thomas] Dimitroff. Caldwell also said he's more likely to trade down in the first round than up and that he wouldn't mind trading up in other rounds to get targeted guys. They're also making plans as if they aren't going to have Justin Blackmon. I didn't get anything out of Caldwell or Bradley to change my mind that they'll take Clowney if he's there and then either Mack or [Sammy] Watkins if he isn't. If they do work out a trade and move down, I wouldn't be surprised if they went OT.

Tom Boerwinkle (Chicago): What do you make of Caldwell's comments about Blackmon? Would the team normally be in contact with a suspended player? Thanks for the chats.

DiRocco: NFL rules limit the kind of contact teams can have with players. And it varies. Blackmon, for instance, was allowed to be around the facility during his four-game suspension early last season. As for what Dave said, it's smart to take that approach. That way you're not caught short-handed if he gets into trouble again. Personally, I'd cut him as soon as I was able. He's not worth the trouble.

Brian (Cville, VA): Complete the sentence Mike, "we will look back on the 2014 FA class and say that __________ was the best value signing"

DiRocco: Good question. I think I'd say Dekoda Watson, who has the chance to really thrive in the role the Jaguars have for him. I'm not saying he'll become a pro bowler, but he'll give them good production for reasonable salary (three years, $6.25 million).