RTC: Jaguars' QB situation ranks 26th


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Reading the coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars ...

NFL.com's Bucky Brooks has the Jaguars 26th in his rankings of the QB situations around the league. The rankings take into consideration the starter and the backup. Indianapolis (Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselbeck) is first. Buffalo (EJ Manuel and Kyle Orton) is last.

Ken Hornack of Fox Sports Florida provides a preseason review, leading with quarterback Blake Bortles' development.

The Philadelphia Eagles are preparing for Chad Henne and Bortles, writes Bob Grotz of Montgomery Media.

The Jaguars have picked Jacques McClendon to be the starting center and the Florida Times-Union's Hays Carlyon writes that McClendon isn't reveling in the fact he's finally a full-time starter.

Tight end Clay Harbor's recovery from a torn calf muscle may keep him out of the season opener, writes the T-U's Ryan O'Halloran.