Jacksonville Jaguars: Tony Gonzalez

Each day this week I’ll provide an answer to a key question facing the Jaguars in the offseason.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It’s clear that quarterback and pass rush are the Jaguars’ most pressing needs for the 2014 season.

After that, though, the Jaguars’ priority isn’t as clear. Interior offensive line, outside linebacker, running back, and receiver are all jockeying for the No. 3 spot in general manager David Caldwell’s needs list. Those positions can’t all be addressed in the draft, so the team will look to fill those needs via free agency.

But don’t expect the Jaguars to be involved in a bidding war for big-name free agents. Caldwell said the team still has to fix the foundation before he’s willing to target the upper-echelon free agents. He’s more interested in signing quality starters and depth guys from the middle-tier of free agents.

"Considering where we are right now as an organization, as a team, we’ve got a lot of building to do," Caldwell said. "We’re not just one piece away where we can go get a high-priced player and then feel like we’re just … You’re never going to be one player away, but a lot of teams are really close and feel like, ‘If we just get this one guy at this one position that’s a glaring weakness we can go get them.’

"We did that in Atlanta in our time. We signed Dunta Robinson and traded for Tony Gonzalez and each year we added a high-priced guy but we didn’t add a lot of depth because we had a lot of depth and a good core of starters. Here we’ve got to get a good core of starters before we start to target some difference makers in free agency."

That means players like Alex Mack, Greg Hardy, Brian Orakpo and Michael Johnson aren’t likely to be on the Jaguars’ radar. They are simply going to be too expensive and the Jaguars could add two, or even three, quality players for the same amount of money.

Taking that approach worked for Caldwell last season. He signed defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks to a one-year deal and Marks turned in a career season and was rewarded with a new deal in December. The Jaguars also waited a few days after free agency began to start signing players, which is something the team will likely do again next month.

By waiting, the hope is a player’s price tag goes down to a more reasonable number or that a player that is cut to make room for a higher-priced free agent is then available.

The Jaguars will add several free agents next month, especially along the interior of the offensive line, which in my opinion is the biggest need after QB and pass-rusher. The Jaguars need to beef up both guard spots and find another center now that Brad Meester has retired.

They’ll try to address running back and linebacker as well.

But it’ll be through the draft that the Jaguars will make their splashiest additions.

"I firmly believe that you build it through the draft," Caldwell said. "That was our vision, that was our plan coming into this, and we’re going to stick to it."
A large portion of the 320 players that participated in an NFL Nation confidential survey about which non-teammate they’d like to see play in a Super Bowl didn’t get their wish.

Three Jaguars players did, though.

Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson topped the survey with 59 votes, narrowly edging out Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez (56 votes), who retired last month after 17 years in the NFL.

Obviously neither was able to make to the Super Bowl this year, but three of the players named by the 10 Jaguars players polled did: Denver’s Terrance Knighton and Demaryius Thomas and Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch. It’s not a surprise that someone named Knighton because he was the Jaguars’ third-round pick in 2009 and one of the most well-liked players in the locker room during his four seasons in Jacksonville.

The interesting thing about the Jaguars’ responses was that no player was named more than once. In addition to Knighton, Thomas and Lynch, seven other players were named: Jake Long, Brandon Carr, Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Peterson and Michael Vick.