John Dorsey says Chiefs are resigned to likelihood they'll lose QB Chase Daniel

INDIANAPOLIS -- General manager John Dorsey said he was confident the Kansas City Chiefs have their No. 2 quarterback for next season already on their roster.

He is resigning himself to the fact it likely won't be Chase Daniel. The veteran quarterback signed three years ago to be the primary backup to Alex Smith, but is a potential unrestricted free agent and will at least attempt to see whether he can land elsewhere with a starter's job and starter's money.

"We've had Chase here for [three] years and I think Chase is a very competitive player," Dorsey said at the NFL scouting combine. "I think we were very lucky to have him as our No. 2 quarterback. Just a couple of hours ago I've had discussions with his agent just to see where they are in the process. At the right price I would try to retain him. I understand the business of the game of football. He's going to want to be able to see if he can start. I do believe he's capable of doing that. That process will be ongoing."

"I happen to love Chase Daniel. I love his competitive zeal, how smart he is, how knowledgeable he is about the game. I'm also a realist to know that at the certain point if he's getting starter's money I'm not going to be able to retain him."

If the Chiefs have their backup on their roster and it's not Daniel, they would go with either Tyler Bray or Aaron Murray. Neither has played in a regular-season game since joining the Chiefs, Bray as an undrafted free agent from Tennessee in 2013 and Murray as a fifth-round draft pick from Georgia in 2014.

Bray missed all of last season after tearing his ACL playing basketball the previous January, but he returned to practice late in the season.

"With Tyler Bray, he's been in the system for three years," Dorsey said. "Unfortunately, he had the injury in January but he's made great strides this year. With Aaron Murray, he's been in the system two years.

"The very first and most important thing in the system is, you've got to be able to know the system, and those guys know the system so there's a degree of security from the coaching staff, from the personnel side that those guys can step in and do the job they're asked to do."