Kyle Williams would have played this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Turns out that wide receiver Kyle Williams' partially torn ACL happened during practice on Thursday. Williams felt something give in his knee, the one that was surgically repaired last year for the same injury, but was able to finish the practice.

It was only later that night, long after meetings had concluded, that Williams suspected the injury was more severe and the tear was found.

There's no telling how much help Williams could have otherwise provided for a struggling passing game. He joined the Chiefs only last week and while he was in for a handful of plays on special teams in the game against Denver, he didn't play on offense.

The Chiefs intended to find out, though.

“I don't know,'' coach Andy Reid said when asked what the Chiefs miss without Williams. "We never got him to a game. He's a good kid and he's been a good player with San Francisco in this league. These things happen. That's a doggone shame for the kid."