Options to Fasano at TE aren't plentiful

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – With a touchdown catch in each of the last three games, tight end Anthony Fasano has become a bigger part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ passing game. But Fasano didn’t practice Wednesday because of a concussion, leaving his status in doubt for Sunday’s game against the Redskins in Washington.

His would be a significant loss. The Chiefs have only one other tight end, Sean McGrath, on their active roster.

Not having Fasano would not only leave the Chiefs without a safety net at tight end, but rob them of their ability to use two tight ends, as coach Andy Reid at times likes to do.

The options for replacing Fasano at this point aren’t plentiful. When hit by injuries at tight end earlier in the season, the Chiefs put out an emergency call to veteran journeyman Kevin Brock, who went to camp with Kansas City but was released before the start of the regular season. Brock has since been cut.

The Chiefs also have a pair of tight ends on their practice squad. One is 270-pound Dominique Jones who has 10 games of experience with the Indianapolis Colts. The other is Demetrius Harris, who played basketball but not football in college.

“I have a couple of guys on the practice squad I like,’’ Reid said. “That would be the reason not to do something right now and then just see how Anthony does as we go. It’s too hard to predict that.

“One’s got experience and one doesn’t. I think they both can catch the football well. One probably blocks a little bit better than the other one. That’s what it would come down to.’’