It's time for Bowe to make an impact

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Dwayne Bowe had perhaps the worst of his seven NFL seasons in 2013, calling into question whether the 29-year-old wide receiver has started to lose his skills.

Bowe certainly hasn’t lost his ability to talk a good game.

“I’ve still got it,’’ Bowe said. “I’m showing it each and every day in practice. The coaches know I’ve got it. I’m setting up a lot of great things for the offense.’’

This season, Bowe has caught 57 passes for 673 yards and scored five touchdowns. None of those totals are anywhere close to his career highs. Jamaal Charles led the Chiefs in receiving, marking the first time since the Chiefs traded Tony Gonzalez after the 2008 season that Bowe hasn’t been their top pass catcher.

If Bowe truly does have it, it’s time for him to show it. The Chiefs could use a big game from their top wide receiver on Saturday, when they play the Colts in a wild-card round playoff game in Indianapolis.

“Games like this, big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. These are games that I mostly show up in, with everything on the line.’’

That’s not completely true. Bowe didn’t catch a pass in the only other playoff game in which he’s been a part, a 30-7 Chiefs loss to the Baltimore Ravens after the 2010 season.

Bowe’s career is starting to slip away without him having as much of an impact as his numbers might suggest. He’s second among all-time Chiefs pass receivers but he won’t play long enough to ever catch Gonzalez.

He’s fourth in receiving yards and fifth in touchdowns. He had a brilliant, one-handed catch for a touchdown against Indianapolis two years ago, but otherwise his signature moments are few.

Saturday’s game would be a great opportunity for him to make one, or more. Time is evidently running out for Bowe.