Chiefs salary-cap update

The Kansas City Chiefs as of Monday were ninth from the NFL's bottom in available salary-cap space. The Chiefs had $4,523,402 to spend, which gives them the ability to add a lower-cost player or two through free agency and sign their draft picks as well.

The Chiefs probably aren't finished with free agency. Last year signed linebackers Akeem Jordan, Frank Zombo and Zac Diles in April, but before the draft. Jordan wound up starting and Zombo filled in for the injured Justin Houston toward the end of the season. Diles didn't make the team. But the Chiefs also had more cap room to work with last year, and might be content at this point to wait for the draft and then use free agency to fill any remaining roster holes.

One reason the Chiefs are in reasonable shape with regard to the cap is their low amount of dead money, so-called because it represents their salary-cap commitments for players no longer on their roster. The Chiefs have $3,505,823 of dead money counting against their cap, and only four teams have a lesser amount. Most of that dead money is for cornerback Dunta Robinson, who was released at the end of last season, and wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin, who was traded last August to the San Francisco 49ers.

Robinson counts $2 million against the Chiefs' cap, Baldwin $997,018.