Was Andre Rison KC's last elite WR?

Thanks to all who answered my recent question asking which player was the Kansas City Chiefs' most recent elite wide receiver. The most popular answer was Andre Rison, who played three seasons for the Chiefs in the late 1990s and caught 133 passes with 12 touchdowns. His only big season with Kansas City happened in 1997, when Rison caught 72 passes for almost 1,100 yards.

Otis Taylor, who finished his Chiefs career in 1975, also received some of your votes.

My opinion? Other than perhaps Taylor, I’m not sure the Chiefs have ever had an elite wide receiver. They’ve had some very good ones and some who had outstanding but isolated seasons, like Dwayne Bowe in 2010, Derrick Alexander in 2000, and Rison in 1997.

But as far as players who opponents truly feared, who succeeded despite whatever the opposing defense presented to the Chiefs, maybe we have to look back all the way to Taylor.

For the purposes of this discussion, we’re not counting former tight end Tony Gonzalez. He was an elite receiver by any measure, but played a different position.

Still, if we’re looking back almost 40 years to the last elite Chiefs wide receiver, isn’t it time they get another? The way the draft is setting up this year, it might be difficult for the Chiefs to accomplish. But it will be difficult for the Chiefs to have a consistently strong offense until they find one.