Fans mixed on Chiefs and their spending

On Tuesday I put out the call to fans on Twitter asking whether they feel the Kansas City Chiefs have the right priorities in how they’re spending their money. This week I’ve broken down their salary-cap situation and found the Chiefs to be spending far more than the NFL average at certain position groups (wide receiver, linebacker, defensive back) and far less in other spots (offensive and defensive lines).

This wasn’t intended to be a referendum on specific moves. We’re all probably in agreement at this point that last year’s mega-dollar signing of Dwayne Bowe wasn’t a good one. But the Chiefs at the time decided they were going to put that money long-term into a wide receiver instead of an offensive lineman like Branden Albert.

Though there is plenty of room for debate on the specific decisions the Chiefs are making, I like their general philosophy of paying their playmakers.

Fans are decidedly mixed on it. Here is a sampling of the comments: