Reid deserves ranking among top coaches

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For those with ESPN Insider access, Mike Sando has an interesting storyInsider in which he polled 30 current or former NFL coaches or team executives and ranked the NFL coaches 1 through 32.

Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs ranks fourth. That’s not surprising given the consistent success Reid had with the Philadelphia Eagles and, last year, the Chiefs. Reid is the only coach among the top seven who hasn’t won at least one Super Bowl.

It’s difficult to argue with Reid’s ranking. An anonymous former general manager told Sando that Reid is a “Hall of Fame-type coach.’’

“It's the amount of wins, staying in the same spot and then going to a new place and going to the playoffs from the get-go with a journeyman quarterback,’’ the former GM said. “He just has a [presence] about him, the chemistry of winning.’’

Including the reference to Alex Smith as a journeyman quarterback, that’s interesting stuff. But as big an accomplishment it was for the Chiefs to jump from two wins in 2012 to 11 and a playoff berth last season, it might be a bigger one for Reid to get the Chiefs back to the postseason this year, given their many struggles in the preseason.

Longer term, Reid is going to have to coach the Chiefs (or another team) to a Super Bowl victory if history is to remember him this kindly.