Coaching staff continuity has been overlooked factor in Chiefs' success

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An overlooked factor in the Kansas City Chiefs' success this season is that they’re coming to the end of their third year with the same coaching staff. Not just head coach Andy Reid, but coordinators Doug Pederson, Bon Sutton and Dave Toub and the position coaches. They all arrived in Kansas City together.

For three years, quarterback Alex Smith and the other Chiefs who have been with Reid from his start in Kansas City have been getting a consistent message. Reid has assembled a solid staff that includes strong coordinators like Sutton and Toub and position coaches like Eric Bienemy.

That continuity could get disrupted sooner or later. Pederson, the offensive coordinator, interviewed on Sunday to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether or not he gets that job, Reid will eventually have to fill one or more staff vacancies.

“It’s happened," Reid said. “I’ve been through it before (in Philadelphia).

“That’s what happens. It’s kind of a neat thing for the guys that have that opportunity. There are only 32 in the whole world so when you have an opportunity to do it it’s kind of a nice compliment to your hard work and endurance in some cases."

Reid has been the primary offensive play-caller for the Chiefs since he arrived in 2013 but this season shared some of those duties with Pederson, possibly making him more attractive to the Eagles.

“I think it’s great," Reid said. “He has an opportunity (and that’s a testament) to the hard work he’s put in and he’s done a nice job. He’s ready to do that and if he has the opportunity, more power to him."