Kansas City Chiefs: Jason Campbell

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs have been facing a steady menu of backup quarterbacks. Beginning with their Oct. 6 game at Tennessee, the Chiefs are in the midst of a stretch of five games where they will face a quarterback who was a backup when training camp started.

For the second straight week, Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton had to amend a game plan because the opponent during the work week changed quarterbacks on him.

Sunday’s opponent, the Cleveland Browns, announced on Wednesday they would replace their struggling starter, Brandon Weeden, with veteran journeyman Jason Campbell.

Plenty of videotape exists on Campbell, a former starter for the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders. But little exists from the past couple of seasons. He played in two games for the Chicago Bears last season and has thrown four passes for the Browns this year.

“You don’t have it in the context of who’s playing right now and a lot of times it’s not real situations,’’ Sutton said. “It might be the end of preseason games. He played in a Chicago-San Francisco game a year ago as the starting quarterback. We’ve looked at that, but that’s in a different system. So we don’t have as much (video) as you’d like with these receivers, with this offensive system. But that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to drill down as much as we can to understand his habits.

“You feel like you’re behind because you don’t have as much information as you’d like.’’

The Chiefs and Sutton went through the same drill last week when they played against the Houston Texans. Then, the Chiefs were scrambling to prepare for quarterback Case Keenum, who was playing in his first NFL game.

Sutton and the other Chiefs defensive coaches have prepared a game plan for Campbell at some point in the past, giving them an advantage.

“And the players have played against him so they know Jason," Sutton said. "They’ve been on the field with him. They know how fast the ball comes out, they know the velocity of the ball. Last week, I don’t think anyone had ever seen Keenum before. Until you get used to a guy like that and you know how quickly he releases the ball and what he can do, it makes it a little more challenging."

Charmed life of Chiefs continues

October, 23, 2013
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the third time in four games, the Kansas City Chiefs will face an opponent starting a different quarterback than the week before.

The Cleveland Browns, who play against the Chiefs on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, will start veteran journeyman Jason Campbell instead of the struggling Brandon Weeden.

The move makes sense given Campbell's experience and mobility. The Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks with 35.

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said he made the change because he believed Campbell's skills give his team a better chance against Kansas City's defense.

“In looking at the Chiefs ... that’s a yes,’’ Chudzinski said. “[Campbell] has been able to win in this league and be productive. He’s got a good arm and mobility and he’s shown to be a playmaker. From a game-plan standpoint, I think his skill set gives us what we need.’’

Chudzinski wouldn’t confirm this, but watching video from last week’s game against the Houston Texans may have convinced him to make the move to Campbell. The Chiefs took three quarters to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of new Houston quarterback Case Keenum before sacking him four times in the fourth period.

To recap, the Chiefs also faced a new starting quarterback three weeks ago in Tennessee, where an injury to starter Jake Locker from the previous week forced the Titans to go with another veteran journeyman, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Houston’s regular starting quarterback, Matt Schaub, also was injured last week and couldn’t play, but the Texans might have started Keenum anyway. Keenum took his first NFL snap against the Chiefs.

Now the Chiefs face Campbell, who hasn’t started a game since last season, when he played for the Chicago Bears. This is Cleveland’s third quarterback change of the relatively young season, but the first time they’ve tried Campbell, raising the question of how much confidence Chudzinski has in Campbell.

Next week, the Chiefs play against the Bills in Buffalo. Their regular starter, EJ Manuel, also won’t play because of an injury.

Barring injuries to the quarterbacks of other future opponents, Kansas City’s streak of luck will end over the season’s final seven weeks. The Chiefs will face Peyton Manning twice, Philip Rivers twice, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Terrelle Pryor.