In the huddle with Josh Smith

After going down with a knee injury in the spring, sophomore receiver Josh Smith was antsy to work his way back into the rotation. He suffered a groin injury on the first day of fall camp and is expected to be out until the weekend, at least.

What were your summer workouts like dealing with the knee issue?

Smith: I was doing a lot of icing and rehabbing, things like that, to get my range of motion back. The knee wouldn't bend at first. Once I got it back to 75 percent, I began to jog around the beach to strengthen the tendons.

How will the injury limit your role on special teams?

For now I think I'll get back to work with the second unit, switching in and out with a lot of guys, just getting everything down, getting my fundamentals back strong. The relationship between me and coach (Frank) Ganz (Jr.) is that I'm still an excellent returner. He's trying to make me better than excellent. As long as that is still the plan, I don't see why I wouldn't be back there [returning kicks] when it's time to go.

Is there concern that you may have lost whatever rhythm you had gained in the spring?

No, not at all. Not more than I had already gained. My thing is more on trust with the quarterbacks -- I was still building on that before the injury. I'm hoping for the opportunity to make plays and get that trust.

How long does it take you to get back into the flow of things?

It could take one day or a long time. It's tough to gauge, I can't really put a certain time limit on that. Sometimes I need a little more time than others.