Three questions with Coach Kiffin

Here’s the fifth edition of our weekly feature with USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin, where we mine our social media feeds for questions from fans and present the three best each week to him.

This week, heading into USC’s game against Arizona, we used the following three questions submitted via ESPNLA’s Facebook page:

From Jon Dorfman: “Coach Kiff, why was the ground game so effective in the second half vs ASU and how do you plan on winning the turnover battle vs Arizona?"

From Bob Petriquin: “The penalties against TJ seemed like "borderline" calls. With that being said,What was TJ McD's mindset after the game, and do you feel like he needs to make any adjustments to how he approaches his play-making? (I thought his intensity was great!!)"

From Scott Ritter: “Why do you continue to go for two point conversions. All of the missed attempts seem to take momentum away from your team at crucial times."