Is Hideki Matsui an outfielder?

Japanese reporters ask Mike Scioscia almost daily when Hideki Matsui might get to play in the outfield, and Scioscia finds new ways to avoid giving any specifics.

It's pretty clear the player's wishes and the team's wishes aren't perfectly in sync. Matsui, 35, would like to give it a shot, while the Angels are worried one misstep could cause him to re-injure his twice-repaired left knee and take his powerful bat out of their lineup for a prolonged stretch. They signed him to a one-year, $6 million deal primarily to be their designated hitter.

Matsui hasn't played in the outfield yet this spring and he didn't play there for the New York Yankees all of last season. On Wednesday, Matsui practiced outfield throws. Does that mean he could play defense in a game soon?

"It's not like hours away, but it's not months away either," Scioscia said. "Between hours and months, how about that?"