C.J. Wilson's way of thinking

New Angels left-hander C.J. Wilson joined the Mason & Ireland show on 710 ESPN on Tuesday afternoon and discussed a wide range of topics, including his return home to Southern California.

Wilson attended Fountain Valley High School and Santa Ana College before making it to professional ball.

On Tuesday, he discussed his straight-edge philopsophy of life ("I don't drink, I don't drugs. I never have and I never will," Wilson said), how his work ethic from a young age propelled him to this point in life, and how the death of a classmate at age 12 because of a drug overdose steered him into the direction that would lead to the majors.

Wilson also told a funny story about how he became aware of the Angels' pursuit of Albert Pujols, which happened in the middle of his own negotiations with the team, as well as how he expects to fit into the team's pitching rotation.

To hear the entire interview, click this link.