Hunter gets a day off, way off

Torii Hunter was not at Angel Stadium for Tuesday night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays. The team gave Hunter permission to miss one game so he could attend his oldest son Cameron's high school graduation in Texas. He is expected to return in time for Wednesday's 4:05 p.m. game.

Some teams draw the line at family emergencies and births when allowing players to leave the club. Angels manager Mike Scioscia missed a game two seasons ago to attend his son Matt's high school graduation.

"You miss so much as it is. You miss the birthdays, the communions, you miss the plays. You miss so much in their lives that, when one of your kids graduates high school, I feel very strongly about this," Scioscia said. "That’s why when Torii brought it to our attention and he wasn’t sure if he could go or not, I said, 'Hey, you need to be there.’ "