Blake Griffin discusses his maturity

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. -- Blake Griffin wasn't sure whether to laugh or vent after practice on Friday as he discussed a report in the Los Angeles Times about his and DeAndre Jordan's immaturity.

It highlighted an incident in Sacramento where he and Jordan reportedly exchanged words on the bench after Griffin told Jordan never to stare him down again after Griffin missed hitting Jordan for a lob dunk.

“The Sacramento thing didn't even happen to be honest,” Griffin said. “If there are things in there that are true it doesn’t bother me because we messed up and we did, it but if it’s not true it does bother me a little bit.”

The report also touched on Griffin and Jordan being weary of Chris Paul and getting tired of hearing his voice on and off the court.

“That’s part of what makes him great and I’ve told him that,” Griffin said. “He’s always communicating and he’s always talking. We look to Chris to be that guy. He’s ultimately directing the game we want it to go. If he sees something he needs to say it and vice versa.”

Griffin also talked about the Clippers’ chemistry.

“Through the 17-game streak when our chemistry was at its height we had arguments in the huddles and guys would be like you need to do this and there would be heated exchanges,” Griffin said. “That’s what happens on teams. It’s a matter of where you go from there.”

Paul said Jordan and Griffin weren’t the only ones who needed to mature on the team.

“We all do,” Paul said. “We’re always trying to get better and understand the game more. It’s been an adjustment for all of us, especially those two guys, coming in in a different situation before guys like me, Chauncey [Billups] and Caron [Butler] got here. It’s been an adjustment period for all of us.”

Said Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro: “There’s a lot of emotion involved. You’re trying to manage the personalities and put everybody in areas of strength. There’s going to be difficulties throughout a long season and Blake and DJ have a lot of responsibility for us. It’s nothing they can’t handle.”