Los Angeles Clippers: Grizz

LOS ANGELES -- He'd flown through the night to arrive on time, and after three weeks of dangling in maddening uncertainty while the New Orleans Hornets worked out David Stern's version of the very best deal possible, you had to figure Chris Paul might say a few things on his first day as a Clipper he'd regret later.

Right off the top he started talking about being excited to join this "unbelievable franchise with so much history behind it" and you were wondering if the man had any idea of what he'd just signed up for.

Los Angeles Clippers history? There aren’t many parts worth telling. But the more Paul talked about the Clippers' present and future, the more he explained why he he'd chosen them over every other team that expressed an interest, the more obvious it became why he was here.

Of all the sidekicks, in all the joints in the NBA, Chris Paul walked into Blake Griffin's.

It was both a tremendous compliment and a tremendous burden for Griffin to live up to. As brilliant as he was as a rookie, Griffin was still young and unformed.

But part of what makes Paul such a good point guard is his vision. And on this subject he had no doubt: Griffin was good enough.

Paul wasn't interested in first-round playoff losses anymore. He could've stayed in New Orleans for that. Leaving the Hornets was winning more and winning faster, and for some reason, Paul thought Griffin was up to that task, now.

"I had NBA TV,'' Paul joked, when asked whether he was confident Griffin could grow into the teammate he needed him to be. "So yeah, I knew. ... The sky was the limit."

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