Optimism dwindles that Dodgers' Yasmani Grandal will be ready in time

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The chances of Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal making the Opening Day roster dwindle every day he spends trying to get his sore right forearm back in playing shape.

Grandal has not played since Monday, which was his first attempt at playing in Cactus League games on back-to-back days. He caught in Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers and tried to play Monday against the Seattle Mariners, but lasted just two innings.

After an uncomfortable at-bat, Grandal was added to the Dodgers’ growing list of injured players. He has since undergone a CT scan that was negative, but the Dodgers are still playing it safe with a player who was expected to get the majority of games behind the plate this season.

Manager Dave Roberts said the Grandal countdown clock is now ticking loudly.

“If you look at Tuesday, and he’s back out there doing things and on Wednesday, he feels good, then it’s more optimistic,” Roberts said. “But when you’re looking at that point in time, the odds are decreasing. I think every player wants to be ready for Opening Day and that’s kind of the hard date. But it’s not worth the price if he’s 100 percent ready to go following that one particular day.”

A day earlier, Roberts' concern level over Grandal’s injury was not nearly as high, but with less than a week of games remaining in the desert, the sense of urgency has been heightened.

“It’s just where he’s at, the sensitivity to the injury,” Roberts said. “For me, if there’s something there, I don’t want it to be lingering. I think we have a chance to take care of it and see where we’re at.”

It is possible that even when Grandal does return to the field, he would play only in minor league games until spring concludes. That would allow the club to backdate a potential disabled-list stint as far back as 10 days into spring training, meaning that if Grandal did go on the DL to start the season, he could actually be back before the Dodgers’ home opener on April 12.