Looking for the key to unlock Matt Kemp

LOS ANGELES -- Some managers will encourage a slumping player to relax, to perhaps skip batting practice one day, to try not to think about hitting for a while.

Don Mattingly isn't one of them. He says he thinks the best way out of slumps is to take extra swings and study extra video, approaches he has encouraged his best hitter, Matt Kemp, to take as he tries to emerge from an 0-for-19 slump. Kemp hasn't had a hit since last Wednesday in Pittsburgh, his batting average shedding more than 25 points.

"We just want to pay enough attention to it and for him to do enough work on it without panicking," Mattingly said. "It’s usually an inch away. As a player when you’re in an 0-for-19 you feel like it’s three feet away. We’ve got to keep him from doing anything drastic."

On one hand, Tuesday night looks like a shaky time for Kemp to snap out of it. He is a .243 hitter against Tim Lincecum with no home runs and 17 strikeouts in 37 career at-bats. Then again, Lincecum hasn't been Lincecum this year. He's 6-12 with a 5.45 ERA.

Here are the lineups for Tuesday as the Dodgers try to get back into first place:

San Francisco

Angel Pagan CF

Marco Scutaro 2B

Pablo Sandoval 3B

Buster Posey 1B

Hunter Pence RF

Hector Sanchez C

Gregor Blanco LF

Brandon Crawford SS

Tim Lincecum P


Shane Victorino LF

Adam Kennedy 2B

Matt Kemp CF

Andre Ethier RF

Hanley Ramirez SS

James Loney 1B

Luis Cruz 3B

A.J. Ellis C

Joe Blanton P