A little perspective on bad starts

LOS ANGELES -- Perhaps nobody in the Los Angeles Dodgers clubhouse has a better perspective on the hole this team has dug itself -- and the hope it has of climbing out of it -- than backup catcher Ramon Hernandez.

Hernandez played on the 2001 Oakland Athletics, who began the season 11-20, fell 12 games out of first place, and somehow went on to win 102 games and nearly topple the mighty New York Yankees in the playoffs.

According to Elias, in the wild-card era (since 1995), 95 teams have started the season 13-20 or worse. Only three of those teams (the 2001 A’s, 2005 Houston Astros and 2009 Colorado Rockies) recovered to make the playoffs. It's not an ideal position from which to make your charge, but it's also far from hopeless.

"When you have good pitching and you have good players, anything can happen," Hernandez said. "The main thing is to keep your everyday guys in the lineup. If you have nine guys and you know what they can do, you just have to get them into an everyday rhythm. This team can do that, too. No doubt."