Dodgers Report: Andy Van Slyke

Van Slyke to be recalled; Rivera to DL

May, 9, 2012
LOS ANGELES -- Scott Van Slyke, the Los Angeles Dodgers outfield prospect who is hitting .336 with eight homers, 25 RBIs and a .411 on-base percentage for Triple-A Albuquerque, is expected to be added to the team's active roster for Wednesday night's game with the San Francisco Giants.

The move has yet to be announced because there is doubt as to whether Van Slyke will arrive by game time.

The Dodgers will place outfielder-first baseman Juan Rivera on the 15-day disabled list to clear a roster spot for Van Slyke, the son of longtime major league outfielder Andy Van Slyke.

Rivera, who left Tuesday night's game after feeling numbness in the back of his left leg following a hard slide into third base, underwent an MRI exam on Wednesday that revealed he had popped a tendon.

Team medical officials are cautiously optimistic Rivera will be fully healed by the time he is eligible to return on May 24.

Van Slyke, 25, was added to the 40-man roster last winter. He will be making his major league debut.

Scott Van Slyke finds his game

February, 29, 2012
Stopped by Scott Van Slyke's locker today to ask how he made the transformation from middling prospect to reigning Dodgers Minor League Player of the Year. From talking to various other second- and third-generation players over the years, I know a family baseball legacy can be both a blessing and a curse, but I didn't figure that would be the reason for Van Slyke's sudden change of fortune.

"I started taking a little more pride in the way I played the game,'' he said. "I started to play for myself and not so much for my dad."

Don't misunderstand. Van Slyke and his father, longtime major league outfielder and three-time All-Star Andy Van Slyke, have a perfectly good relationship. Scott says he never felt any undue pressure from his dad, nor did he ever feel like his dad was pushing him toward baseball. To this day, he still calls his father twice a week, often for hitting tips. But there was a long time when he really thought the only reason he was playing baseball was because that is what Andy Van Slyke's son was supposed to do.

"In high school, I played baseball and football, but I loved basketball," Van Slyke said. "It was fun, and I was good at it. But being who I was, I felt pressure to play baseball. That was just something I felt like I should do, so I did it."

But that all began to change, he said, when he hit rock bottom at the start of the 2009 season, which he began at high Single-A for the first time after being promoted there the previous season. Van Slyke was estimating the actual number of at-bats, but he said he went hitless in about his first 25 of them that season. That was what brought about the epiphany.

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