For Kings, A Day of Reflection And Anticipation

No practice for the Kings today before to their 1 p.m. flight to Vancouver, but coach Terry Murray and several of the players were made available. Some of Murray's comments on last night's loss and looking ahead to Game 5 Friday night in Vancouver.

Murray, on losing last night after going into the final period with a 3-2 lead and giving up four goals in the last 20 minutes:

"Well it is a missed opportunity. It’s a game you end up losing. You have a 3-2 lead going into the final period and battled hard back after giving up a couple. But you’re going to go through those kind of situations as a hockey club. The most important thing we take out of this now is to get ready to play another game in Vancouver. We gotta win another game up there to get the job done, so rebound is most important."

On how he plans to contain the Sedins and their new linemate Mikael Sameulsson, who scored his fifth goal of the series last night:

"We’re going to try and get [Michal] Handzus out there against them and [Rob] Scuderi and [Drew] Doughty, we’re going to stay with it. I liked what we did, we competed hard, we had our scoring chances against that line. On the road there’s going to need to be two lines to go. The Kopitar line is a line that I have a lot of confidence in the checking part of the game against them and same thing on the back end. They’re going to be looking to match up against defensemen more than the lines so we’re going to have to be responsible and do a good job and again, just recognize that whenever the Sedins are out there that it is a defensive situation and stay above it."

On the fact that goaltender Jonathan Quick blamed himself for not making key saves in that third period that could have won the game for the Kings.

"In my opinion its good to take on a responsibility. It’s good to feel bad as a player that you sense you could have made a difference in a game, whether you were a goaltender, forward, defenseman. There were critical plays where something happens, you gotta feel bad. But the test is to rebound from that and know that your teammates aren’t looking at you and saying you’re the reason why. Your teammates are right behind you, everybody is in the same foxhole together and we got to battle hard in game 5.

"I thought he did a pretty good job. I watched the goals this morning and he’s got a lot of traffic. There’s some redirections. The one I like to see him have back would be the [Pavol] Demitra one. It’s an odd man rush but he was just off angle a little bit. He’s a pretty good goal scorer and he was able to find the far side."

On making sure that the Kings can bounce back tomorrow after such a devastating loss last night.

"That’s gonna have to be a group effort. We talked about it immediately after the game and that was the area that I addressed. It’s a loss, it’s a hard loss, you just have to make sure you don’t get too low off this loss and know that we gotta go back and play. They played a really good game. I watched that game last night behind the bench and I see it again today on my review. We played well. We played a tremendous first period, the best we’ve had in the series and showed composure, making plays, and that’s the attitude we have to bring back."

Ryan Smyth weighed in on the same point:

"This is what the Stanley Cup playoffs are all about. You ride a big wave, at times you go through ups and downs but you can’t ride them too high or too low. We got a great team here. We got older guys that can settle things down and we got some young guys that have energy and that want to learn and create things to another level, so I think we’ll handle it really well.

"I don’t think it’s pressure. You want to take hold of it, have fun with it and enjoy it. It’s not going to be easy, we gotta be sure that we fight through adversity, but I don’t think it’s pressure."

Anze Kopitar agreed:

"Definitely tough to swallow, especially the way we played the first two periods and we just gave them a little life and they took advantage of it.

"Obviously it would be a lot better if we were up 3-1 right now but that’s just the way the game goes. Tomorrow is the next game and we just want to make sure we’re going to be ready for it.

"You gotta shake it off. The games are coming so quick that a win or a loss, you have a couple minutes to enjoy it, a couple minutes to be mad at yourself, then just look forward and get ready for the next game."