Lakers Late Night! 11.16 vs. Milwaukee

All in all, it was a solid night for the Lakers, who weathered a very hot start for the Bucks before pulling away in the second half. Here's tonight's breakdown, box score, and Lakers Live! replay.

And below is the replay of Tuesday's Lakers Late Night. Topics included:

-An efficient start to the first multi-game road trip, and what it could mean going forward.

-Shannon Brown led the bench with 21 points, part of a strong effort from the reserves, who are playing so well some of L.A.'s starters are finishing games on the bench.

-Whether or not the Lakers need to go after another big, be it Erick Dampier or another warm body.

By the way, the fellow in the background at the top of the show? He's our editor, the man who managed to get the show running after three failed attempts on our part. As opposed to some sort of creepy lurker type...