Wednesday's number: 5

This represents, using the metrics at HoopData.com, the number of times over the last 17 games the Lakers have exceeded their average of 108.6 points per 100 possessions. Five becomes zero if only games against teams at or above .500 are included. Tuesday night in San Antonio, the Lakers became the 16th team in the shot clock era (which kicked off back in '54, lest you think it a recent invention) to lose three straight by 15-plus, while failing to score 85 points in any of the three games, via Elias. An odd stat, but a) bad games for title teams bring weird numbers, and b) reflective of how bad the offense/team has been.

As a side note, Elias reports only one team- the '77-'78 Washington Bullets, who finished only six games over .500 in the regular season before a fairly shocking playoff run- has lost three straight by such a margin, and won a title. Another fact of questionable long term relevance, perhaps, but unsettling nonetheless.