Phil Jackson advises Donald Sterling to pay it forward

Before the game, Phil Jackson was asked if he believes in curses, an obvious reference to the evening's red, white and blue opponents described often as such. No, replied Phil, but he was raised in an era where people respected the concept of karma. He then suggested Clippers owner Donald Sterling could perhaps improve his karma and the team's luck might follow.

"If you do a good mitzvah, maybe you can eliminate some of those things. Do you think Sterling's done enough mitzvahs to eliminate some of those?"

Reminded that Sterling has won various humanitarian awards, Phil asked "about those other incidents we have on file?" Told by the writer he didn't know what Phil was referring to, PJ chuckled, "neither do I." (I'm willing to go out on a limb and predict this was a dig at accusations of being a racist landlord. As someone raised in the Jewish faith, I can confirm for a fact that's not considered mitzvah-like behavior.)

Either way, as Phil pointed out, "he's well liked."