Shannon Brown on hopefully being selected for the dunk contest

Before Friday night's demolishing of the Clippers, a bunch of us scribes asked Shannon Brown about this All-Star Game's dunk contest, which signs are starting to point towards his being included. Shannon said his agent told him not to believe anything until it's official, but he'd definitely like to be a part of the action. Brian suggested Shannon crash the event either way, but as the guard noted, he's "trying to save my money," so a fine isn't all that appealing.

Personally, if he gets the shaft, I think SB should just stream his own competition on the net, a guaranteed magnet for mouse clicks. Shannon proposed a showdown against his toddler son, who knows how to put the ball through the hoop with the help a boost "That's my dunk contest right there," smiled Shannon before acknowledging he'd probably get smoked due to the "adorable" factor. "They'd definitely pick him over me." In the meantime, the kid is showing signs of eventually following in Pops' YouTube-worthy footsteps.

"He's got some nice calf muscles," smiled Shannon.

All fun and jokes aside, though, this conversation with Shannon illustrates just how far he's recently come in a journeyman career of ups and downs. Take a look at last season's exit interview video clips, where he talks about starting last season out of the NBA and referring to himself as a trade "throw-in," which I've never heard any player do. It's kind of surreal for Brown to be in this position, and that fortune isn't being taken for granted. "I'm so grateful and thankful and appreciate to everybody for everything they've done for me. The opportunities I'm getting right now. I'm just trying not to let nobody down."

Pretty easy to be happy for a guy with Shannon's attitude.

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