Podcast: Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet

We interrupt the post-Cleveland doom-and-gloom for something a little more fun.

We had a chance to speak at length with Eric Stonestreet, Emmy-winning star of ABC's Modern Family. If you're not a fan of the show, you should be. It's truly one of the more brilliantly written and acted sitcoms of recent memory, and Stonestreet, who plays Cameron, does great work.

After wondering if he lords his Emmy over fellow cast mates- he's the only of the bunch with this sort of hardware- we're able to cover a lot of ground over the next half hour or so.

Click below for a full breakdown of the interview...

  • The challenges, particularly as a relatively unknown actor, of creating a character like Cameron, rather flamboyantly gay, without dipping into caricature. Stonestreet's inspiration- his mother. (3:20)

  • His history raising pigs. Seriously. (6:00)

  • From there (10:00) we turn to sports. Stonestreet is a Kansas State alum, and is a hard core, loyal fan of Wildcats football and basketball, particularly after enduring KSU's days as a perennial CFB doormat, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Unlike some members of the Modern Family cast, Stonestreet hasn't been seen courtside at Lakers games. He offers an explanation: "I'm not a huge basketball fan... I was a heavy-set kid, and never got a chance to play. But one year, it was eighth grade, the basketball coach saw some potential in me, and he brought me up to the A-team. You know what my job on the A-team was? I started every game, and he said, "Stonestreet, get out there and foul number 23 as fast as you can all five times, and then you'll sit back down. I was the designated fouler of the hot shooter on the other team. I'm scarred for life. I don't like basketball now. They used me. They used my bulk." (20:00)

  • How pleasantly surprised he's been at the reception from the gay community as a straight actor playing a gay character, and the impact his character and the show have had. (23:00)

  • "Ginger or Mary Anne," with Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara. (27:30)

Obviously not hard core Lakers content, but hopefully something you'll enjoy.