Time wasting activity of the day: Find a better starting five

I won't complain about my job on a normal day, and certainly not on those delivering genuine "wow" moments. Such was the case Thursday night outside Staples at the unveiling of the new statue honoring Jerry West. On the stage, lined up left to right, were Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, West, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

At worst, we're talking about five of the, what, 15 best players of all time? If you really want to stretch the envelope and get all contrarian?

Even cooler, if you're willing to take the liberty of sliding the 6'9", 215 lb. Russell to the four in order to accommodate Cap, it's a ludicrously good starting five. All sitting next to each other. Talking through it with my boss, we tried to come up with a better one, settling on John Stockton at the point, Kobe and M.J. divvying up the shooting guard and small forward spots, Tim Duncan at power forward, and Wilt at center.

I would watch that game.

Here's your challenge: Come up with a different, better five than the group all assembled within 15 feet of each other Thursday night. I'll allow a little bit of fudging (like I did with Russell), as long as it makes sense.

Nothing like clocking out early on a Friday, even if you're still at the office, right?