PodKast: On the post All-Star run, Matt Barnes, LBJ's Twitter problem

While our primary goal ahead of Sunday's game with the Spurs is to get you ready for Sunday's game against the Spurs -- something we hoped to accomplish with our conversation with Timothy Varner and Andrew McNeill of TrueHoop's 48Minutesofhell.com -- there is more audio fun to be had.

Friday afternoon, ahead of that night's game against the Bobcats, we kicked around the following ...

  • Coming out of the break, the Lakers seem to have found a new consistency. Are you buying what they're selling? Derek Fisher, expected to play Sunday, by the way, talks about losing some of the negativity over the break and rediscovering what's positive.

  • The rotation small forward (remember, this was cut before Matt Barnes missed Friday's game) and how there is no such thing as a "fibia." Does the return of Barnes (when it happens) threaten the resurgence of Ron Artest?

  • Andy chasing down Fred Berry of "What's Happening!!" fame at Lambert St. Louis airport 20-ish years ago.

  • The problems of the Miami Heat and how they may -- once again -- be related to LeBron James' inability to Tweet responsibly.

Hope you enjoy it. And -- totally unrelated to the show -- if you haven't been following along with TrueHoop's coverage of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, you're missing out. Great, great stuff for hoops fans.