Mike Brown introduced as Lakers coach: Press conference video

Tuesday afternoon in El Segundo, the Lakers officially introduced Mike Brown as their new head coach. First impressions: He seems like an intensely hard working, highly prepared, and genuinely good guy. (He's also a joy to transcribe, in contrast to Phil Jackson, which while perhaps insignificant to you is a major joy for me.)

All of this we knew coming in, of course, and how any of it translates into success or failure whenever next season rolls around is obviously an open question. Certainly Brown showed confidence in his ability, sticking up for his record in Cleveland while acknowledging how much the experience taught him. He is, Brown said, a better coach now. All told given the generally negative context surrounding the hire, I think Brown acquitted himself well, particularly as the Q and A went along.

Below is some of the video from his press conference. There's heaps of it, so be sure to check back for updates.

Opening Statement:

Brown on:

1. The players with whom he's communicated.

2. Differences between himself and Phil Jackson.

3. What he wants to do offensively. "A lot of what I'm going to take offensively will stem from the time I was in San Antonio. I was in San Antonio for three years, part of a championship team in 2003, and we had two big, skilled seven footers in Tim Duncan and David Robinson. We'll do something similar to what they did, with a little sprinkle of the triangle offense, and a little sprinkle of what I want to bring to the table, also. We'll kind of combine it. I think you have to tailor your offense to your personnel. You can't take your offense from team to team to team. Whereas defensively i think it's the opposite. I think you can take your defense from team to team, as long as you have effort and want from your group of guys."

4. On where he stands in the process of hiring a staff.

5. On establishing "his" culture for the Lakers.

6. On the potential for a work stoppage.

Again, be sure to check back for additional video from the day's events.