Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Houston

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

To say the least, after another disappointing road loss, the natives weren't happy. Can't say I blame them, because there was much to discuss following Tuesday's game, and little of it was sunshine and moonpies. Among the big topics of conversation:

  • Andrew Bynum's senseless ejection near the end of the third quarter, and what could turn out to be the most expensive high fives in league history.

  • A very poor defensive effort, whether on the perimeter, inside, or on the glass. (Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln...)

  • The typing skills of chat participant Wally7462.

  • A bad shooting night from Kobe Bryant (10-of-27), and larger questions about offensive balance and how the team (and Kobe particularly) need to adjust to having Ramon Sessions available, particularly down the stretch. It won't happen instantly, but needs to happen.

All that, plus head slapping and Mike Brown impressions!

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