Podkast: The Lakers as the playoffs approach

As the popular saying goes, timing is everything. When we recorded this podcast Friday afternoon ahead of the impending blowout loss to the Spurs, the Lakers looked, generally speaking, like a team trending in the right direction with the postseason on the horizon. Then came San Antonio's blistering 61 percent clip from the field, which actually/improbably built on Tuesday's 60 percent at Staples, and the Lakers suddenly look considerably more vulnerable. But either way, the questions we examined remain trenchant and relevant, if perhaps more urgent than just 24 hours ago.

Again, timing is everything.

The show can be heard by clicking the module, and a breakdown of talking points is below:

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- (3:03): With the playoffs approaching, we create a checklist of pressing needs as the Lakers attempt to make a deep run. They include sustained impact from Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace, team defense, and Ramon Sessions' poise during his first foray into the playoffs.

- (13:00): We debate the importance of the bench's (and in particular, Steve Blake's) production, given the inevitability of increased minutes for the starters.

- (17:05): In both of our minds, no player will make or break the Lakers' playoff run more than Bynum. How confident are we about this reality?

- (18:20): If you believe the Lakers are on a better path than 1-2 months ago, how much credit does Mike Brown deserve?

- (25:40): I make a throwaway joke referencing a semi-obscure bubble gum pop from the 70's... which Brian misinterprets as a joke referencing this better known song by Barry Manilow Neil Diamond... which leads to us doing Neil Diamond impressions. That's just how the K Brothers roll.