Lakers Late Night Replay -- Game 7 vs. Denver (plus postgame video)

The Lakers move on after a fairly epic 96-87 win over the Denver Nuggets in Saturday's Game 7 at Staples Center.

Up next, the extremely well rested Oklahoma City Thunder.

On tonight's edition of LLN, we hit on...

  • Huge, and hugely redemptive, games for Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.

  • An excellent return from exile for Metta World Peace.

  • A very good game for Kobe Bryant, who made Denver pay for double teaming him.

  • Steve Blake filling a big void for the Lakers from the perimeter.

  • The next series. What kind of odds should the Lakers get against the Thunder?

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Click below for more video from Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Blake and World Peace:

Kobe on World Peace, Bynum:

Kobe on distributing against Denver's double teams:

Kobe, on Blake, team building after Game 7, and his trust in teammates:

Kobe on whether his comments after Game 6 impacted Gasol:

Gasol, on his multi-rebound play, and motivation for Game 7:

Andrew Bynum on the win and the upcoming series against Denver:

Bynum on his effort throughout the game:

Bynum, on the team's mindset:

Metta World Peace on the win and returning to the court:

MWP, on shaking hands with opponents before the game (and be sure to pay close attention to the context):

Blake on his Game 7, and more: