Report: Lakers and Magic meeting about Dwight Howard

The Lakers, according to a report from Yahoo! Sports, are making a push to complete a deal for Dwight Howard. They would, as a stipulation of the deal, want Howard to commit to an extension.

ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard says talks have been ongoing, but nothing is imminent.

How much the landscape has changed since Brooklyn became a non-option as a Howard destination is hard to say. Would the Magic take Andrew Bynum, who is a free agent after next season? Could the Lakers put together a package of young players, picks and cap relief that seems to be Orlando's preference and would have to involve another team?

Don't know. But one thing does seem clear: The Lakers are in the most advantageous position among teams making a run at Howard, because while he'd definitely represent an upgrade over Bynum (if healthy, of course) and represents a better fit in more pure pick-and-roll offense guided by Steve Nash, they don't have to make a deal. Their consolation prize is the second best center in the league.

Lack of desperation is a nice thing to have in a trade negotiation.