Blake earns lead spot for backup PG

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- After playing musical chairs with the backup point guard spot throughout the preseason, Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown said Saturday that veteran Steve Blake has taken the lead for the role.

"Obviously I played Blake more as of late," Brown said. "He'll get the first crack at it. Guys like [Chris] Duhon and [Darius] Morris have to stay professional and stay ready. Their number can be called at any time."

Asked what Blake, who served as the Lakers primary back-up last season, had done during camp to earn the role, Brown said, "He had a little bit of an advantage because he was in the system last year. So he's got a good feel on what we want to do on both ends of the floor. It was close.”

"It's not set in stone, but we felt he played a little bit better as of late when he had an opportunity,” Brown said. “He had more of an opportunity than Duhon. That's just the direction we wanted to go. It's not like he did this a lot better than this guy or the next guy.

“My backup point guard first needs to defend, second get the team organized and third not turn the ball over. You start putting icing on the cake or adding ice cream to your cake and if he can score and/or shoot, that's a bonus."