Kobe Bryant plans to play on Tuesday in Memphis (video)

"Good to go," said Kobe Bryant Monday in El Segundo, confirming his intention to play tomorrow against the Memphis Grizzlies. There are no formal plans to monitor his minutes, despite the sprained ankle being, as Bryant estimated, somewhere between 80-85 percent. Nor Kobe does appear concerned about any risks playing at less than full capacity.

"It's healthy. The little pain that you get is from not being used to the pressure of playing. It's not as strong as it's going to be."

I asked Kobe if he was inclined at all to bump up the ETA in light of Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton being out. No, this just happens to be when he's ready, regardless of any outside factors.

"That's always been my stance. When it's ready to go, I'll play."

And that moment is now.

More to come from practice ASAP, but I wanted to keep the Land O' Lakers readership in the loop. You can also watch Kobe discuss his ankle in the clip below.