New K-Bros PodKast: Road trip!, Andrew Bynum, Jerry Buss, and indoor misters

We managed on Wednesday afternoon to pass along the interview portion of our newest show- our conversation with veteran writer Steve Springer about his Q and A with Lakers owner Jerry Buss and Springer's long history covering the team- and today bring the rest.

If Tom Petty taught us anything, it's that the waiting is the hardest part. (If he taught us anything else, it's that he makes a very creepy Mad Hatter.) With this in mind, I sincerely apologize for any anguish you experienced anticipating the arrival of the whole package. It must have been horrible. Horrible.

So without further interruption, here's the rundown:

-(2:00)- We start with talk of the road trip. Keep in mind, we recorded before Wednesday night's win over San Antonio, so if we sound like we don't know what happened, it's because the game hadn't been played and the result wasn't known to us... or we did know, but aren't allowed to say in advance. Or both. You choose. What, we asked, defines a successful swing? According to our poll, like Phil Jackson himself 60 percent of respondents say 5-0. Another 32 percent can live with 4-1. Andy thinks those folks might be a little too ambitious, while I'm in the 4-1 camp.

It's a serious discussion, aside from the parts where we break down Andy's plan to create a line of indoor misting machines and my inability to control my chair.

-(13:00)- It's all about Andrew Bynum and what it means for him to be gone for (knock on wood) a couple weeks. How much does it impact the Lakers, and more importantly, does it wreck any chance for the Lakers to develop pre-playoff continuity? We also ask who has to step up while he's gone. Andy pointed to Ron Artest, who certainly came through last night. I'm looking for something from the backup guards, who did some nice things against the Spurs as well.

We're geniuses!

-(21:00)- The Springer interview, which gets deep into Jerry Buss' tenure as owner of the Lakers, his impact on the league, and how Buss family politics could impact Jackson's return. There's nothing on Andy's indoor mister idea, but don't let it discourage you from listening.